Squirming In the Lap of God

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father & son

Be still my child,

why are you squirming?

This is the time

for listening and learning.

Rest in this moment

Lean against Me

There’s something here

I want you to see.

Why so distracted?

Why so detached?

There’s nothing you’ve lost

I can’t give you back.

More than you had

But just what you need

Now be still, stop squirming

And lean against Me.

I’ll hold the book

You turn the pages

I’ll read you a story

As old as the ages.

Yes, that is you

When your life began

And yes, that’s Me

Holding your hand.

As each page we turn

The pictures may change

Scenery and people

But One thing remains.

Me . . . . . .

Near and concerned

Waiting to hold you

As each page we turn.

Be still my child

Why are you squirming?

This is the time

For listening and learning.