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Sharing the truth and grace of Christ through his word and compassionate action.

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Equip and Train for Ministry

Join other rural church leaders in an intensive and transformative 8-week virtual discipleship group that equips you for more effective ministry in your rural community. Focused on R.A.M.’s

“7 Practices of Ministry”

Identify & Promote Rural Missions Opportunities

Recognizing that meeting the physical and spiritual needs of overlooked rural communities opens doors for redemption and brings glory to God, R.A.M. serves as a liaison between rural communities and disciples of Jesus who want to bring his mercy and grace to them.

Inspiring Articles and Stories of Hope and Redemption

Get inspired by our various articles and hear wonderful testimonies on how God change lives by watching our videos. 

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Embracing the Struggle
05 July 2018
“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil . . ....
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Yale, OK: A Rural Mosaic of God's Activity
26 February 2018
Rural towns are a mosaic of hard work and industry, friendship and kindness, forgotten stories and...
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What Is The Point?
15 February 2018
What is the point? Why would a good God create a world where suffering exists? Is...
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Rural America Ministries

We provide the evangelization and revitalization of the rural communities in America

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