Ministry Training

Equip and Train for Ministry

Join other rural church leaders in an intensive and transformative 8-week virtual discipleship group that equips you for more effective ministry in your rural community. Focused on R.A.M.’s “7 Practices of Ministry”:

1) Still: In His Presence and Promises
2) Prayer: Empowered Humility
3) Scripture: Seeing Through the Eyes of God
4) Power: To Be and Do Through the Holy Spirit
5) Service: Bridges to Redemption
6) Evangelism: Introducing Jesus
7) Discipleship: Modeling Maturity

Each session begins with an introduction of the ministry emphasis followed by thought-provoking and personally challenging discussion questions. It concludes with practical applications for each ministry emphasis to put into “practice” until the next group session.  

In addition to the leader’s ministry training group, R.A.M. also offers rural churches a congregational and community-wide assessment providing objective input and useful perspective on their congregation’s strengths and weaknesses in their readiness to reach their communities.  This consists of an extended weekend visit with the congregation and its leadership, involving personal interviews, prayer, and an introduction to RAM’s 7 Practices of Ministry.  Time is also devoted to interviewing community leaders and residents to assess the needs of the community and provide the church with useful insight and recommendations in their ministry efforts.

If you or your rural congregation could benefit from either of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to partner with you in your efforts to bring the grace and truth of Jesus to your rural community!

Intensive Ministry Training

Making a lasting Kingdom impact in the lives of people in rural America is just the beginning of your experience. You will also be equipped for ministry; ministry that powerfully transforms lives and moves beyond simply transferring information. During your 4 weeks with RAM you will learn and practice what we call the 7 Practices of Ministry.  These are seven ways you are equipped to powerfully minister the truth and grace of Jesus to others.  They are:

The 7 practices in videos

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