Ministry Training

Rural Missions Immersion

For four-six weeks RAM will immerse you into the culture and life of rural America.  You will live and work alongside some of the friendliest, kindest people on earth who call rural America home!  As you do, you will discover the distinctive needs of the rural American mission field and have the opportunity to play a real and powerful role in ministering to those needs.  Your impact will be immediate, tangible and eternal in scope.

Intensive Ministry Training

Making a lasting Kingdom impact in the lives of people in rural America is just the beginning of your experience. You will also be equipped for ministry; ministry that powerfully transforms lives and moves beyond simply transferring information. During your 4 weeks with RAM you will learn and practice what we call the 7 Practices of Ministry.  These are seven ways you are equipped to powerfully minister the truth and grace of Jesus to others.  They are:

Spiritual Transformation

Consistent with our approach to ministry and our mission, RAM is focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  Your time with RAM will continually emphasize this focus. Our goal is that after your experience with RAM you will have a deeper faith in God, a greater reliance on His power and grace, and a more effective ministry to others.  You will have matured as a disciple of Jesus and experienced greater transformation into His likeness.

Rural America Ministries

We provide the evangelization and revitalization of the rural communities in America

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