Our Eyes Are On You!

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Ram_group“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You.”

                                                                – II Chronicles 20:12b

It’s not the first time I have been in this place and I am certain it will not be the last. When you decide to follow Jesus, you decide to put yourself in the position of absolute dependence on His power and grace to accomplish His will.  Reason, wit, talents or luck will never be enough to get the job done.  Never.

Prayer, bold and persistent steps of faith, all the while calling others to join you in what God is doing will.

I do not believe God will reveal a need and open a door of opportunity that He will not provide the people and resources to get the job done.  Since RAM’s inception 3 years ago He has always provided.  I don’t have adequate words to express my gratitude for His provision because every year since our beginning He has revealed more needs and opened more doors of opportunity to bring His truth and grace to rural America. But it is an uphill battle all the way. So many students have so many options for their summers; so many possibilities outside our borders. And yet, there is so much to be done right underneath our noses. Just beyond our front door.

This summer, in less than 5 months, we have the privilege of meeting the following needs and opportunities:

  • 7 rural communities in 4 states have invited us to bring student teams to share the truth and grace of Jesus in their towns for 30 days.
  • This will take 25-35 students and 6 team leaders.
  • In addition, we have openings for 6 ministry interns and 1 vocational intern to minister through the remainder of the summer in these towns.

As of today we have:

  • 4 student team members
  • 5 team leaders
  • 2 ministry interns

To the God who parted the Red Sea, shut the mouths of lions, raised the dead and saved the likes of me, this is small stuff.  Our eyes are on the Lord, but we are reaching out to you.  God’s got some work to do. Won’t you join us as we join God in another amazing display of His power and grace this summer?

Contact us at:  raministries@live.com or 405.615.8792